Portfolio Night 6

A chance for you to spend the evening showing your work to and getting feedback from some of the top names in the business.

Thursday, May 8

21 different cities including Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. (Santiago, Auckland, and Istanbul are also available if you’re roadtripping.)

When I was in portfolio school, the One Show Student Festival (which Portfolio Night has effectively replaced) was an annual highlight. I’d take the midnight bus from Richmond to New York, wake up seven hours later in Manhattan and spend the afternoon showing my book to people like Mike Shine, Bob Barrie, Sally Hogshead and Jamie Barrett. Not bad people to get opinions from.

Bonus why (for denizens of the greater Chicagoland area):
This year, I’ll be reviewing books in Chicago. Come to my table and mention this blog and receive a free something. (Haven’t figured out what it is yet. I’m thinking mini Hershey bars or maybe some old radio scripts.)

Click here to locate a city and to buy tickets.


3 thoughts on “Portfolio Night 6

  1. Greg – You should come to the one in New York instead. Brandcenter has volunteered a bunch of us to help set up and give reviewers cookies and bottled water. Don’t you want cookies and bottled water? On a serious note – do you think job offers flow from Portfolio Night or is it more of an opportunity to get feedback on a book?


  2. Bukes –Don’t go to Portfolio Night expecting a job offer. I think PowerBall gives you better odds.You can, however, make connections and a lasting impression. The first person to ever look at my student book was Mike Shine. And five years later when I interviewed at BSS&P, he said, “Oh, hey! I remember these!”Take names. Take notes (maybe not in front of the names). Ask if they’re hiring. Ask if you can call them when your book’s 100% finished. Ask for their numbers. And above all, send a very simple thank you card to those you want to stay in touch with. Nothing too cute or clever. Maybe include a sample of your work. Emails won’t do. You’ve got to send something from the heart.ps. If you can provide cookies, bottled water and a roundtrip ticket on United, I’m in.pss. For those of you roadtripping to Portfolio Night in NYC, I cannot say enough about this restaurant: http://island.ypguides.net/


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