Interview Questions to Ask

Yesterday, Ad Age reported that BBDO Detroit will be closing in January, and is laying off 485 employees. Yikes. I don’t know any of them. But I feel for them.

Yes, the economy’s bad. But here’s the thing: BBDO Detroit is closing because is lost Chrysler. And that was its sole account. 485 jobs. Poof.
So when you start interviewing, remember: make sure you ask about the agency’s current, paying clients. Not just the fun pro-bono accounts and side projects they use to enter award shows. Ask everyone who the most important clients are and why.
Even if you’re winning Gold Lions, anyone who feels comfortable in a one-client shop is delusional. Even Wieden has lost part of Nike on more than one occasion.

2 thoughts on “Interview Questions to Ask

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  2. Most agencies have their accounts that keep the lights on. They're not always (rarely, really) the same accounts that win awards. Know what those accounts are, what kind of work the agency does for them (the quality, and whether they're handling things like local dealer ads–as a junior, that's the stuff you'll probably work on quite a bit).

    Another thing to consider, if you're going to a one-account shop, is how the rest of the city is faring. Is it a one-agency town? There's a level of security in a town like NYC or L.A. in that if you leave one agency, you have other options that don't require you to relocate. Just something to think about in your search.


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