Know Your Award Shows

Here’s a presentation I recently did for my agency. I hope you enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “Know Your Award Shows

  1. I don’t disagree with your presentation but I am wondering, would a major media award show that pays the winner $100,000 be “good” enough to include on this list?
    Poor radio and the Radio Mercury Awards…Can’t even catch a break on a blogspot blog.


  2. The presentation was meant to be more international in scope, which is why I left off some key shows like Radio Mercury, Athenas, Kellys, and the ADDYs.

    Maybe some of our Asian readers are wondering why I left off the Media Spikes, and our Spanish friends are wanting a shout out for El Ojo (both probably included in the Gunn Report).

    I’m a big proponent of radio, and I love the Radio Mercury Awards. I would tell every anglophone and hispanic writer to shoot for it.


  3. Thank you Greg. I think this is a great starting resource for those wanting to be introduced to award shows.

    I was wondering if during your research if you came across significant information on award shows that have a strong interactive / digital component? Perhaps that is something I will look further into, but you have leads on where to start…I’d appreciate it.


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