Call to Action

This is going to sound heretical, but bear with me:

When you lay out a campaign, ask yourself where you could put the web address and an 800 number.

I’m amazed at the number of student ads I see that fail to include a call to action. This isn’t about making the logo bigger, or junking up the work. It’s about doing the right thing.

Sometimes web addresses and 800 numbers make more sense than others. If you do an ad for a car or a brand name soda, probably not. But for a small product or service most people haven’t heard of it makes sense. There are no rules. Just use your judgement.

A web address or an 800 number, tastefully added shows that you can turn commerce into art.

It shows that you know the purpose of the ad is to get people to act.

And it will make a student ad look and feel more like a professional one.


2 thoughts on “Call to Action

  1. <>Another TIP:<> If your toll free number is part of your call to action, make it stand out and make it relate to your business. A more memorable number will increase the response rate of all your advertising.Bill


  2. I do think Bill Quimby is trying to sell us some 1-800 numbers. Maybe you could audio record these making ads posts and create a 1-800 number that users could dial to hear? Like an audio book? Maybe the first audio blog? 1-800-makn-ads ? (1-800-625-6237) ??? Eh? EH?


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