Communication Arts Typography Annual

The latest issue of Communications Arts is their first ever Typography Annual. Be sure to pick up a copy.

Note to students: Don’t miss the “Index to Typefaces Used” in the back of the issue. The most frequently used font? Helvetica. Proof you don’t have to use crazy type to do cool work.

The Wrong Idea

T.26 has some nice fonts. About once a month or so they send me an email with some of their latest creations. I’m a writer, but I appreciate nice typography.
I just received an email about SketchType, which they boast “makes it easy to incorporate the texture of hand-drawn lettering into any project without ever picking up a pencil.”
I find this a little ridiculous, and I hope you do to. If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing with passion. And that means picking up a pencil. Use these fonts as inspiration. But do not use these fonts.
Please aspire to be art directors and not just ad directors.