Amateur Creativity

This is a presentation I gave to the Chicago Portfolio School last month. 

I shortened the 45-minute presentation to about 12 minutes, so I had to cut out some of the showcase pieces.

I also had to rerecord my voice. I swear I sound much better live.

Please send any feedback on how I could improve this presentation to the comments section below.


Side Projects

Sometimes students ask me if they should include “personal projects” in their portfolio. To me, it depends on the project. Short stories, no. A few pages of design or photography, sure. Taxidermy, maybe not.

Your website, though, now that’s the perfect place to show off your other talents. A creative director isn’t necessarily looking for it, but side projects can give a better sense of your personality. I know a lot of people who divide their site between WORK and PLAY, or just have a “personal” section.

Creatives are usually good at coming up with cool ideas for projects and then really bad at following through with them. But here’s a guy I went to school with who has a enviable list of non-ad projects and stuff on his site. His name is Todd Lamb.