Working vs. Soaking

We all hit walls. We all reach a point where the ideas just aren’t coming. Usually, this is the point where we go for a walk, or pick up a magazine, or spend a half hour on YouTube. And that’s all okay. It’s soaking up the culture, art and life that we’ll probably use somewhere down the road.

But next time you hit a wall, try this instead: Keep working.
I’m not saying a half hour of fresh air or viral videos is bad or ineffective. But I do think more often than not, we’re too quick in succumbing to the wall.
So when you hit it, take out a couple blank pieces of paper and a stopwatch and promise yourself that you’re going to write continuously about whatever assignment you’re going to work on for the next 30 minutes. If you have no ideas, start writing, “What I want to do with this ad is…” or “Dear Mom, I’m writing an ad for [product here], and here’s why I think you would love (or hate) it…”
Don’t just accept that you’ve hit a wall. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to knock a few bricks off it.