Here’s something to keep in mind as you’re looking for work. It was originally posted by a friend of a friend on the Proximity BBDO blog, here.

You know you’ve landed a job at the right company, with the right people when…


– you can spend 2 hours standing around talking with your coworkers after work, about everything but work and feel like it was only 2 minutes
– you’re work family is a REAL family
– you share personal details about your life with your coworkers, without fear
– you would consider taking a vacation with your coworkers
– you invite your coworkers to your kids birthday parties
– you invite your coworkers to your home
– even after the worst day, you still get a warm and fuzzy feeling about your job and coworkers
– you tout your team’s accomplishments to everyone you know, every chance you get
– your non work friends start to wonder if you like your work friends better
– after a week of vacation, you actually start to miss being at work
I’m about to go on a week vacation and while I’m really looking forward to the time off, I have to honestly say I’m glad I’ll be coming back to the most awesome work family I’ve ever had. See you all in a week.