John Turturro on Creative Freedom

Last week, Greg posted Jelly Helm’s Five Rules from W+K. A buddy of mine just sent me this clip of John Turturro talking about creating the Jesus character in the Big Lebowski, and it struck me that what John is talking about is very similar to what Jelly is talking about. Particularly Act Stupid, Always Say Yes, and Be Fearless.

Turturro’s talking about working with the Coen brothers and the amount of trust they have in him. They realize he’s an acting genius, so they give him the freedom to do his thing. To let it all hang out and fail spectacularly if need be. And Turturro responds to this freedom by by throwing everything into his performance and embarrassing himself, then trusting his directors to make the right decisions.

This is also a description of the ideal creative/creative director relationship. It could be be said to be the ideal client/agency relationship or agency/director relationship too. Hire the right people, then trust them to do their thing.

If you haven’t seen The Big Lebowski, shame on you. So strong is my opinion of this movie that I have named my two English bulldogs Dude and Walter. Below is the scene Turturro is talking about.