Learn to be a great storyteller

In this excellent post, Refe Tuma points out that our most interesting friends may not live genuinely exciting lives. They’re just very good storytellers.

He says, “Interesting people often lead surprisingly ordinary lives, but they are not ordinary. What sets them apart is their ability to tell a good story.”

Not every assignment is going to be for Porsche or Burton snowboards or ESPN. You may have to do ads for pens. Or a bank. Or a furniture warehouse. Or an orthopedic mattress company. But remember, there are no boring products. Only boring ways of talking about them.

As Tuma points out, Jerry Seinfeld talks about vacuum cleaners and cereal. He just tells a great story about them.

(SIDE NOTE: Be sure to check out Refe Tuma’s Dinovember. It’s genius.)


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