Everything I Say May Be Wrong

Last fall, I visited the fine students at the University of Texas to look at portfolios and chat about the industry. I’m quite flattered that they asked some follow-up questions for their blog. Many of the questions are about the same topics Greg and I discuss here, so I thought I’d share.

Here’s the interview.

2 thoughts on “Everything I Say May Be Wrong

  1. that was a great interview.

    i too have a science undergrad degree. I always felt like that strayed me off the path because even though i enjoyed learning about science things i just wasn't particularly good at it.

    i don't know if you remember but we spoke on the phone a while ago and i applied for VCU brand center this year.

    My application is still going through the moshes but hopefully I'll have a good end result.

    Thanks a lot for talking to me that time.


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