Shout Out to Ronny

We don’t normally highlight current work on Makin’ Ads, but since this great piece was written by a friend and former classmate, we had to give a shout out to Ronny Northrop. Be sure to read Ronny’s post on being too old for portfolio school. You’re never too old for portfolio school if it can help you create stuff like this.


One thought on “Shout Out to Ronny

  1. This is a really cool spot.

    But as a Type 1 Diabetic copywriter, can I make a request of my fellow creatives out there?

    Please differentiate Type 1 from Type 2 in your facts. It isn't that much copy, it's 7 characters, including spaces. I was diagnosed a 7 with a disease that I didn't do anything to cause. So were about 3 million others in the U.S. Yet any time we get an ad about healthy living, everyone just calls it diabetes and I get to spend 30 minutes of my day explaining to some one that I didn't eat too much sugar as a kid, that I was just born with it.

    Keep up the good work, just remember us Type 1s.

    Also, quit telling people my junk doesn't work, my friends already feel bad enough for my wife.


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