Bad Presentation Can Ruin a Great Idea

A bad presentation can ruin a great idea. This is true if you’re presenting work to a client or just in the way you present your work on your website.

Don’t spend weeks crafting every detail of a campaign and then slap it on your website with a poorly-written description you crapped out in 30 seconds. Your job is to present ideas. To communicate clearly. To tell compelling stories. How you present your ideas will be judged as much as the ideas themselves.

So make sure you think about how you present your idea. Is there a story behind it? Does there need to be? Should you create a video about it or do a couple simple sentences suffice?

In the words of the great ad man, Albert Einstein: “Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


2 thoughts on “Bad Presentation Can Ruin a Great Idea

  1. It's a popular belief that great work sells itself. I think that's a myth perpetuated by people who aren't very good at presenting and know it. If it were true, agencies would just email layouts to clients with a yes/no checkbox underneath.

    If your idea is worth producing, it's worth presenting well.


  2. I just spent my Friday night perusing your blog. Thanks for writing! I'm a few years out of art school (in the middle of applying to MAS), so this has been helpful for me. A lot of the things you write are very similar to what they taught us in [art] school.


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