Luke Sullivan: One of the best pieces of creative advice I was ever given.

Most of you probably already subscribe to Luke’s blog. But for those who haven’t discovered it yet, here’s a great piece:

One of the best pieces of creative advice I was ever given.

And yes, Anne Lamontt’s Bird by Bird is a fantastic creative help. Almost as much as Luke’s book.


2 thoughts on “Luke Sullivan: One of the best pieces of creative advice I was ever given.

  1. Hi Greg,

    As one who's in the process of applying to portfolio school, I love this advice. This was my technique throughout undergrad English classes, and it's helpful as I assemble application samples. Thank you for passing it along. Thank you 😉

    I do have a question regarding ad school, though I'm not sure this is the proper forum. If not, I apologize. I know that you're familiar with MAS, and I'm having a hard time finding outside information on their copywriting programs. I suppose my question is whether it's an ill-advised future career move to go for the Berlin program when I'll likely live in America afterward.

    You mentioned in a prior post that your connections from school have been the greatest asset from that time, which makes perfect sense, so I'm getting nervous about going to school abroad (and doing my second year internships elsewhere, as well). I'm in my late 20's and eager to give this my all, so I would love any input.


  2. Hi, Anon.

    Not knowing anything about the MAS program in Berlin, it's kind of hard to answer. But so much of creativity comes from life experiences. And living in Berlin will definitely give you some unique ones to draw from.

    I bet I could come up with a list of why MAS in Berlin is a career risk. And they could all be dead wrong.

    Look at someone like Tony Granger. He's South African, and that's where he started. Then he spent time in London. Now he's in New York.

    David Droga is Australian. He started there, before going to Singapore, London, and finally the U.S.

    None of us has a crystal ball. But each of us is capable of working hard and having fun. Do that and everything will turn out okay.

    Stay in touch. We'd love to hear a first-hand account of portfolio school and advertising in Berlin.


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