Applefied Ads

Does the work in your book have to be great work? Yesterday, I would have said without question. Today, I’m not so sure. Because I discovered that these great Applefied ads were done by Bryan Evans, an art director intern at RPA in Santa Monica.

These are not great ads. But they are great book pieces. Why? Maybe because they’re cultural commentary. Maybe because we’ve all had a client say, “Why can’t we do work like Apple?” who really didn’t mean it. Maybe because they’re already being featured in some of the major industry pubs. But whatever I can almost guarantee these ads will be the difference between Bryan’s book and the guy who almost got hired. (Assuming the rest of Bryan’s book is as thoughtful and well-art directed as these pieces.)

I’m not saying run out and create a parody campaign. Too late. Bryan’s already done that. But this is a great reminder that you need to find a smart, amazing way to set your book apart from everyone else’s.


2 thoughts on “Applefied Ads

  1. I hate to nitpick here, but apple didn't showcase the “thinness” of the macbook air with a head-on shot. In trying to be ironic, the student missed a pretty important detail with the positioning of the cracker.


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