Amateur Creativity

This is a presentation I gave to the Chicago Portfolio School last month. 

I shortened the 45-minute presentation to about 12 minutes, so I had to cut out some of the showcase pieces.

I also had to rerecord my voice. I swear I sound much better live.

Please send any feedback on how I could improve this presentation to the comments section below.


One thought on “Amateur Creativity

  1. excelent greg. i totally agree with you. i also think it´s a matter of oportunities. sometimes you just have to invent them. i´m starting a digital gig at saatchi & saatchi in 2 weeks. 2 reasons why i got a call from them: i´, proactive & speak passionately of what i do. i don´t wait for oportunitites to do creative work. in fact, my portfolio has some ad work, film and digital, but most of it and some of the best of it were twitter pictionary day! and youtube channel diy projects, and social networking projects, and opensource fundraising festivals, and electronic music visuals, and a zombie movie and me naked on a table. i think that in the end all this demonstrates something we all have to have to do good work, passion.


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