What Occupy Wall Street Could Learn From Ad Folks

I wrote a post on my other blog over the weekend about the Occupy Wall Street’s lack of clear messaging and how they might improve it by asking themselves the questions we ask ourselves each time we’re trying to sell something. Greg asked me to post it here. Here’s a link to it: The Message has an Occupy Wall Street Problem.


3 thoughts on “What Occupy Wall Street Could Learn From Ad Folks

  1. There are a lot of similarities between OWS and bad clients. OWS could become a really interesting and influential movement, just like any soap or line of furniture could be breakthrough advertising that wins at Cannes.

    There really are no uninteresting products. I'll say that again for emphasis: There are no uninteresting products. Only uninteresting (or unclear) ways of talking about them.


  2. I'm a big admirer of this blog. And while the creative in me agrees, there's already been a great deal of ink spilled on why the movement doesn't have an organized message, a list of official demands, etc. Here's a primer, but there's much more out there. I'd recommend you read them.


    There's also a great article out there about using space as a symbol of protest. Occupy is using the Egyptian/Israeli model. It's fascinating stuff.


  3. Thanks for the post, Lawrence. That's an interesting take on where they see this protest going. I guess time will tell if being so broad in your mission will help or hurt it. Thanks for sharing.


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