2011 Mercury Finalists Announced

Finalists for the Radio Mercury Awards were announced today. To listen to the spots, click here.

Here are just a few things that continue to fascinate me about radio:

  1. You can do anything. Anything you want the listener to see, they will see. And because they’re creating the images, they’ll see it perfectly.
  2. While it’s fun to collaborate with a director, a line producer, a full film crew, cast, an editor and a music house to produce a piece of film, it’s just as fun to work with a sound engineer, and some talented actors to make something just as memorable.
  3. There’s no medium where a writer can have this much control and this much fun.
  4. That said, the very best art directors I’ve worked with knew how to make great radio, cared what it sounded like, and had their names on the credits.
  5. You get about 80 words for a :30, and 155 for a :60. Radio was Twitter before there was Twitter.

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