Former Student Showcase: Troy Burrows

I met Troy Burrows about three years ago when he was a student at the Chicago Portfolio School. Now he’s doing videos like these for Sharpie at DraftFCB in Chicago. (These were recently featured on Adweek‘s Ad of the Day.)

Pretty inspiring pieces. And pretty inspiring that you can go from student to this kind of work in such a short amount of time. High fives, Troy.


3 thoughts on “Former Student Showcase: Troy Burrows

  1. Very cool clip/story. It lets the subject and its natural coolness shine through without any exaggerations such as exaggerated enthusiasm/laughter, high-fiving, vigorous nodding, using words like “awesome”, “really excited”, etc. Unnecessary exaggeration = uncool.

    I wonder if the Sharpie brand managers realize how uncool they appear in this video below.

    And I wonder how many agencies would have the courage to advise the client that putting the client’s brand team on YouTube will rarely make a brand look cool…


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