Makin’ Ads Abroad

I spent the last two years working in an ad agency in Europe. Since returning to the States a couple months ago, I’ve received several requests for advice on working overseas.
To answer some of these questions, and give a little insight to my time abroad, I wrote an ebook, Makin’ Ads Abroad.
You can download it here. Even if you have no interest in working abroad, I hope you find something in there you can use. Feel free to pass it on. I’d love to hear feedback – what you like, what you didn’t, what you wish I’d included.

9 thoughts on “Makin’ Ads Abroad

  1. Great read. Thanks for putting this together. Excellent advice, and something everyone who wants to grow, either here or over there, should take a look at.


  2. @brian: if id doesn't work, click on the above download link anyway. it will take you to a page with another link. right click on this new link and choose 'save target as' (internet explorer) or 'save link as' (firefox). that shud do it, i guess.


  3. This is an insightful and sobering look at an exciting topic.

    I'd be curious to get your POV on Makin' Ads Abroad when “Abroad” is the U.S. As in, when Canadians head to U.S. agencies, for example.


  4. Hi, Ian.

    I have a few friends from places like Brazil, Germany and Argentina who've come to work in the States, and I've wondered the same thing.

    If you can get someone with experience to write it, we'll post it.



  5. Thanks Greg.

    An Art Director I know from Toronto moved to NYC last month.

    Come to think of it, I know a bunch of Canadians with U.S. experience.

    I'll ask around and hit you back if I can scrape together anything useful.


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