Guest Poster: Nate

For the next couple months, we’re going to have a guest blogger who will be posting on Mondays. His name is Nate, and the reason we’ve asked him to lend his insights is because Nate is making the jump from a “traditional” agency environment to that of a digital agency. Of course, lines have blurred and it’s getting harder and harder to distinguish the two, but Nate’s new gig is at AKQA, a shop that is decidedly digital and decidedly good.

So we thought we’d ask Nate,
Nate, what’s it like to be a copywriter at a digital agency?

A little about Nate:
Syracuse Ad Program >>>>
Chicago Portfolio School >>>>
TBWA/Chiat, NY >>>>
Publicis, NY >>>>
Freelance >>>>>

He looks something like this >>>>

Welcome, Nate. Thanks in advance for your insights.

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