Control Freaks, Part 2

A few posts ago, I wrote about the virtues of being a control freak (a humble, respectful control freak, that is).

You’ve probably seen the new OK Go video “This Too Shall Pass.” If not, take a look. You’ll enjoy it.

Be sure to check out the four-part making-of video featured below. Damian Kulash is definitely a control freak. I’m betting in a good way.

Kulash did everything from write the two paragraph synopsis to buy trophies at the flea market. He could have handed the idea over to the Syyn Labs people, who obviously knew more about the process. Instead, he got all control freaky.
So why is he a control freak in a good way? Well, I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. But the clue for me is that he’s collaborating. He seems willing to learn. He’s surrounding himself by really smart people and listening to their ideas. Plus his dad seems proud of him.
Take ownership of your ideas. Immerse yourself in the details. Be respectful and open-minded. Listen, but take responsibility. I think you’ve got to be a control freak on hand to pull off something of this magnitude, whether it’s a music video, a double-page spread, a :30 spot or an iPhone app.

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