Try this when you’re stuck

Copywriters: the next time you’re absolutely stuck with your copy, try this.

Go pick up a novel of a writer whose style you admire. Say it’s Gabriel Garcia Marquez – he’s about as unmarketing-speaky as you can get. Open to any page. Now copy the words of the page into your own notebook.

When you’re finished, start writing what you need to say about your product. You’ll find you’re doing it in an entirely different voice.

You can do this with Hemmingway and Steinbeck as easily as you can with Dan Brown and David Sedaris. Go ahead and try some poetry. Works with Sandberg and Billy Collins, too.

Art directors: Do the same by taking out a big book on fine art. Or photography. Or design. You don’t have to recreate each painting. But you can try. Sketch out the composition. Study the shadows and the colors. Spend a half hour with a particular style. Then jump into your layout while it’s fresh in your brain.

Small trick. But it works. And it’s much better than staring at a blank page, or just writing and laying out what you think the client (or the awards show juries) expect.


3 thoughts on “Try this when you’re stuck

  1. Excellent idea. I work on a number of healthcare related assignments. Did you know they all care for you and want to help? Anyways, I need a trick or two to shake things up.



  2. Interesting info you got here, Greg. Thank you so much for sharing this. I'm working in a journalism related company in Indiana. Search engine optimization, as I have noticed, is now using copywriting services for web content articles. I read and heard a lot about these things on, where else but the internet! I'm not ignorant when it comes to business these days. Many business people prefer internet marketing. Indianapolis has one of the big business districts here in the U.S. and I know people who consider SEO services which are heavy on writing. Well, I do hope I get to take a break from it and just refresh my mind by reading good literary.


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