What’s On Your Agency’s Walls?

What’s on your agency’s walls? Ads? Art? Post-Its? Scuff marks?

How does that affect the creative? The clients? The culture?

My friend Brian (AD at the Martin Agency and author of stackingchairs.com) has a pretty cool project going on. (It’s where I stole the quote for the last post.) Send pictures of your agency’s walls to him at stackingchairs@gmail.com to contribute.

He’s got a few cool ones from W+K, Crispin and Creature up already.

(If you’re working the days before Christmas, it’s probably pretty quiet and this will give you something to do. Otherwise, bookmark Brian’s page and send pics in January.)

One thought on “What’s On Your Agency’s Walls?

  1. Pereira & O'Dell has an interior designer that comes in and updates the selection of artwork that's on the wall. Everyone sits around long white tables..love that!

    I'm not much of a fan of agencies having work on their walls, it seems a bit egotistical and self-involved. It's nice to show off work and what the agency has done, both internally and externally. However, there's better ways to do that aren't so self-involved.

    Happy Holidays!


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