Enjoy the holidays / working

It’s mid-December. And you’re about to go on break. If you’re a student, you’ll be leaving school. If you’re a professional, your office is probably closed. Enjoy your time off.

But don’t get soft. Don’t come back in January with creative love-handles. Spend a little time every day writing. Or art directing. Or making something. Doesn’t have to be advertising. But it has to keep you sharp.
Your work shouldn’t be something you long to get away from. School, yes. The office, sure. But not your work.


2 thoughts on “Enjoy the holidays / working

  1. Home made Christmas presents is always a good tip for designers. I myself am planning on spending a few days baking and cooking then making some simple, home made packages. Christmas bliss!


  2. Or share your favorite books and music lists with friends. Greg gave me the idea, about 10 years ago, of putting together an end-of-year book review list (he'd been doing it for a long time). We swap lists and send them out to friends. Just books we'd read that year and what we thought of them.

    Any exchange of ideas is good and exposing yourself to new things is how you grow. What are some things you were into this year? Book recos? Albums of the year? Did you discover a new blog? A new magazine? Please share.


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