Steal Their Ideas

I’m as inspired by the way people work as much as the work they produce.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying They’re on break right now, but you should check out their stuff if you haven’t already. 

What inspires me about these guys:
  • They are prolific.
  • They don’t hoard their ideas. They know they’ve got millions.
  • They are ad guys who don’t just think in terms of ads.
  • They present simply, clearly and consistently.
  • They have a distinct voice.
  • They’re clearly a unified team.
Anything about them inspire you?

One thought on “Steal Their Ideas

  1. One of the things you hear time and again about how to succeed in the social space is to give your ideas away. Get out of the mindset of protecting them and get over your fear of someone stealing them. Give them away. That's what these guys have done so brilliantly.


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