How I got unstuck

About a week ago I was in a serious rut. I was down on work. Down on our clients. Down on co-workers. Needless to say, it was a pretty unproductive few days.

Then I started listening to this podcast called The History of Jazz by Georgia State University professor, Dr. Gordon Vernick. (Look it up. Wish I could link you to it directly.)
I also started reading my co-worker’s copy of Paul Arden’s book It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be.
And on a bright sunny day, I accidentally took the bus too far and had to walk through a couple of neighborhoods I’d never explored on foot.
And suddenly, things were awesome. I liked work. And I’ve been very productive since.
If you’re stuck, frustrated or down on work, it’s not enough just to take a break. A walk around the building or a trip to the burrito joint across the street can sometimes help. But you really need to change your routine.

3 thoughts on “How I got unstuck

  1. Yes. But they're not the real thing. It's like ordering a hamburger in Europe and having it served on a kaiser roll with some kind of sour cream and onion sauce. Swiss burritos are about 1/3 the size of the ones I used to eat in the States.


  2. I like this post. This post reminds me of this infomercial on TV for some work out video all about muscle confusion. The basic principle is if you want to stay on your game -GET BETTER RESULTS- then you can't fall into a routine because your muscle will memorize the workouts thus giving you the same old results… but if you switch is up and do something unexpected-unusual, it causes your muscles to think differently and gives you UNEXPECTED RESULTS!! haha!

    Wow, maybe I'm forcing the metaphor, but YOU SHOULD SEE MY BICEPS!

    jk-can't afford the tapes……..YET!


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