Radio Thursday 5/28

Quite honestly, I look for an element of “We can’t do that on the radio, can we?” Even if the commercial is just a single voice and serious, I look for some element of honesty or truth or execution that is mischievous. To me, big, subversive ideas are the key to great radio. The best commercials leave me with a sense of “I can’t believe they got away with that.”


3 thoughts on “Radio Thursday 5/28

  1. Greg: Though this thought process certainly applies to radio advertising (memorable radio advertising, at least) the mindset behind it — that is, the creation of something big, subversive, and that consumers would want — needs to begin early on in the actual product development stage. Apple/Mac is certainly the master of this mindset, with BIG products that change the rules of the game, but less flashy items can also benefit, with major benefits in the one arena where it really counts — sales.

    A good example? Axe body wash…. Sure, it’s just liquid soap in a bottle, but chat with most teenage boys about Axe and you’ll find a product that has firmly embedded itself into the youth culture. Even though Axe is just liquid soap in a bottle, its “game changing” quality is that it IS liquid soap in a bottle, and quite different from the stuff that old people use (i.e.: those weird bars of soap that get shared by everyone in the family).



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