Can you vs. Should you: A delicate balance

Sometimes you need to look at your work critically and ask, “Could we really do that?” Be honest. If your budget can only support stock photography and a headline, you shouldn’t be writing two minute theatrical trailers with a cast of thousands and CGI.

Or should you?


2 thoughts on “Can you vs. Should you: A delicate balance

  1. On a recent project, my partner and I were brought in 2 weeks after pre-production should have started, given a budget for a photoshoot and told to start from scratch and make a print ad. A week later we had sold the client on a print ad, online banners, OOH pieces and 3 videos. The money magically appeared, everything turned out great and we ended up with a book piece.

    I say write the 2 minute theatrical trailers.


  2. Funny how that happens, if the client likes an idea enough. The key is to bring not just bring in one thing that’s ridiculously expensive. Either have an idea that’s scalable (e.g. “We could do the print ad you budgeted for like this, but it’s a better campaign if we also do these banners and this outdoor board”) or have options (e.g. “We could do this thing for your budget, but this other one, for a little more money, is a much bigger idea”).

    It’s a great thing when a client believes in an idea enough to invest more in it.


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