Don’t Be That Guy (or Gal) #2

I feel like I shouldn’t even have to post this. Maybe it’s not a lack of common sense but just naive misunderstanding of how “laid back” and “cool” the ad industry is. When you’re looking for a job, or applying for a job, or interviewing for a job, or heck, anytime–don’t be an idiot online. Almost every company will do a background check on you, by which I mean Google your name. And while ad agencies might be more forgiving of those wild party pics on your Facebook profile, why chance it?

If you’re going to blow a job opportunity, do it the old fashioned way–in the interview. Set your profiles to private while you’re looking. Or better yet, don’t put anything on any site ever that makes you seem like an idiot. If a friend of yours tags a photo of your bare ass hanging out in their “Fun Times At Albany Bowl Sat Night” album, kindly ask them to pull it down. This goes for interns too. When you work at an agency and become BFF on FB with all the folks there, then return to school, a year’s worth of drunken photos and mobile status updates about how wasted you are at In ‘n Out can start to undo a summer of responsible hard work. Just the way it is.

Here’s a fine example. Job offer –> Stupid Tweet –> Poof! No job offer anymore.

5 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Guy (or Gal) #2

  1. ‘Beware of all enterprises that require new clothes.’

    I can’t say that your post is ‘wrong,’ by any means, but I terribly disagree with it. If you’re a douchebag, cocksucker, trilobite fucker? Okay, maybe you should change your Facebook to private, sure. But I post stupid shit on my blog, I post stupid shit on my Twitter, and I post stupid shit on my Facebook, and there’s no reason for me or anyone else to change or hide who I/they am/are for the sake of getting a job in an industry where, yes, we are allowed to be a little laid back.

    This seems angrier than it actually is. I just like using cuss words. Sorry.


  2. Where are you posting from, not eb? I know it’s not in Reality.

    Get a job in the real world before you comment, you sound silly.


  3. I have definitely learned about the dangers of Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or what have you in terms of finding a job. When Facebook first came out, it was the cool thing to do with your friends. The word “Facebook” became its own name, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s put into the dictionary at some point in the near future. Our generation coined phrases such as “its Facebook official” regarding relationship statuses. When we go out at night, one could guarantee hearing a girl say “oh that is going to be the new title of my Facebook album.” It was once a way to show your friends the fun times you are having. I think it is difficult for people my age to understand that Facebook isn’t simply that. It is an entirely new networking, stocking (to some), and research tool for employers.
    It’s crazy to think about how much of a resource Facebook has become. When I log on, business ads pop up on the side of my screen. I’ve seen some that read “Looking for a college-town apartment? Come to so-and-so realty” or “Looking for an internship after your junior year in college?” That is nuts! How do they know that applies to me?
    Now stepping out of the college box I live in…of course employers are going to look you up on Facebook, why wouldn’t they? What’s more important? Showing your friends the good times you had last weekend or getting that paid internship for the summer? In this economy, I’ll take the latter of the two.


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