Long Copy Class Assignment #4: The Manifesto

I’m teaching a long copy class this quarter. This is the fourth in a series of exercises intended for that class. I invite blog readers to share their assignments. Let me know if you found this assignment helpful or interesting.

Awhile back, I posted about the Manifesto. This assignment is to write one. It’s a great way to establish a voice. And it’s surprising how many ad ideas you come up with when you’re fired up about your brand. When you read your manifesto, read it out loud. And stand up while you read, preferably using a megaphone in a city square.


One thought on “Long Copy Class Assignment #4: The Manifesto

  1. I’ve got a drawer full of manifestos. Here’s one I wrote for Weight Watchers a couple of years ago…Your weight. And a goal.Those are the two numbers you’re given when you walk into your first Weight Watchers meeting.There’s strength in those two simple numbers.Because when you walk into your next Weight Watchers meeting, those numbers have changed.Maybe they went up. But they’ve most likely gone done.Either way, you’ll find there’s strength in those numbers ,too.You’ll begin to see numbers that enlighten. And educate.You’ll see the difference between a 4-point meal and a 21-point hamburger with fries.You’ll see the meaning of 3 activity points. And 2 serving sizes.You’ll see there’s strength in those numbers.And after a few meetings, you look around and see that you’re not the only one who’s seeing change.There may be 10 or 20 of you. All achieving individual goals.Together.Because there’s strength in numbers.We’ve been working together for over 40 years.We’re in over 30 countries.We hold over 44,000 meetings a week.There’s strength in numbers.And whether it’s a group of 12 people who lost a total 26 pounds this week, or all 30 million of us standing together to decrease obesity and promote healthier living,The numbers can’t be ignored.Because numbers aren’t just indicators. They can be catalysts.If 30 million people demanded a pretzel with zero trans fats, someone out there will hear them. And give them exactly what they want.So let’s start with your weight. And a goal.And then ask what else those 30 million people can demand.What would you do with numbers like that?Because if you’re in, we’re in it with you.Weight Watchers. Strength in numbers.


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