Summer Internships

For those of you doing summer internships, I present the Seven Rules* For Creative Interns:

  1. Find out who the hardest working person in the agency is and try to match them.
  2. Ask for additional projects from as many creative directors as you can.
  3. Show your student book to every creative director, art director, copywriter and recruiter in the agency. No matter how rough it is. Get as many opinions as you can.
  4. Talk to people. Don’t slink off into your cubicle to concept. You’re not Gollum.
  5. Explore. Particularly if you’re in a new city.
  6. Find out what you can expense. Don’t burn any bridges. But you can always ask.
  7. Find out who would be the best person to truthfully answer the question, “What do I need to do to eventually get a full-time job here?” Then go ask.

Good luck. (By the way, these are the same rules for non-intern creatives who have full-time jobs. The only modification is the #7: recplace “get a full-time job” with “become a creative director/get more responsibility/get a raise/run a project/fill in your own blank.”)

* There are more than seven. What ones did I forget?


One thought on “Summer Internships

  1. 8. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone around you will know more than you do. They will often assume you know what they’re talking about. If you don’t, ask. Don’t know what an animatic is? Line producer? Keyline? If you don’t ask, you’re wasting a chance to learn, and learning is what an internship is for.9. Don’t do safe work just because you’re in an agency. Do the kind of work you do in school. Agency’s look to their interns and juniors to bring them crazy ideas. If it’s linked strategically, all the better. But don’t play it safe.


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