Timeline of a Pitch

June 2007: We begin pitching the National City Bank business.

July 2007: In a preliminary meeting, the client gravitates to the line “Some banks have tellers. We have listeners.”

August 2007: After a couple rounds, the client still really likes the tellers/listeners line.

September 2007: We make our final presentation to National City. The campaign isn’t all about that single line, but it’s included in the work.

October 2007: We’re told that we had the “best strategy” the “best creative” but that the agency is “a little too young, and a little too hip” for them.

November 2007: The business is awarded to Campbell-Mithun.

March 2008: I pass this National City Bank window on my way to work…

I’m not posting to complain. I just want to share a good joke.


6 thoughts on “Timeline of a Pitch

  1. Wasn’t Napster illegal for some reason? What was it again? Creative rights or something?Oh yea…we don’t have any. (nice line by the way.)


  2. They also apparently have a disk titled “1,001 perfect stock photos.”And Campbell has a coffee bar. It doesn’t get much any hipper than a coffee bar.Hey, at least you know that they truthfully liked the line.


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